Tuesday, May 31, 2016

About This Blog


Thanks for visiting our Design Thinking / Design Lab Blog. Maybe you are part of our Parker community, and you're curious about where the School is going with Design Thinking. Maybe you are contemplating the integration of design thinking processes into your school. Maybe you are in the midst of implementing design thinking at your school. Maybe you have the funds and space for a design lab, and you're wondering where to start. Maybe you are just curious about design thinking and you'd like to consider how to plug it into your teaching and learning processes someway, somehow. Whatever the case might be, welcome!

This blog is intended to be a literal and figurative "open book" about our ups and downs and ins and outs as we integrate design thinking and the creation of Parker Design Labs into the comprehensive preschool through 12th grade academic continuum. We hope that by being open and transparent about what we're doing, we will keep our community interested and involved in our work. Furthermore, we hope to inspire and help others with their work in design thinking at their schools. Finally, we also hope that by having an open place to share, we might be able to apply design thinking principles into this process as comments and interactions may yield some fantastic suggestions and ideas. If you have a question, please ask! If you have a comment or suggestion, please share!  

The Francis Parker School is an independent co-ed day school located in beautiful San Diego, California. To learn more about our School, its history, and its culture, please visit our School's website: www.francisparker.org.

Thanks for joining us on our design thinking journey. We hope that this will help you learn from us, and we hope to learn from you!